Russians are working on weapons against asteroids

The Chelyabinsk event, which took place in 2013, has shown that our planet is not adequately shielded from asteroids that could fall to its surface, causing enormous damage. So the Russians are working on a defense system that will use intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The vision of destroying our planet exploited by catastrophic filmmakers is not as unlikely as you might think. On Earth, hundreds of meteorites fall every day, and occasionally larger asteroids, as the Chelyabinsky example shows, can be very dangerous.

So the Russians are working on a defense system that would protect our planet from such a threat. Its base would be modified ICBM ballistic missiles, which would serve to combat asteroids diameter up to 20 to 50 meters. They are the most dangerous to Earth because they are small enough to be detected only a few hours before impact, but carry enough kinetic energy to make massive damage.

The Makeyev Missile Design Bureau, which is the author of this concept, must still obtain government approval and also raise several million dollars for ICBM missile modernization. If approved, the first tests of the new system will be conducted in 2036, and the rocket target will be the asteroid Apofis, which can hit the planet.