Microsoft Surface will return to the roots?

Brand Surface in the future can return to the roots, ie a computer table. That would be from the latest Microsoft patent, describing a device with its own projector.

The surface we know today is a very powerful and functional tablet that can successfully replace a personal computer. The origins of the family were, however, quite different, and the first Surface was a table with a computer and a large touch screen.

Maybe Surface will soon be back to its roots and will again become a desktop computer. That would be from the latest Microsoft patent that shows just that device. With the difference that instead of a costly touch screen, it has a projector and sensors that replace it.

Such an idea, despite appearances, has its advantages, because the touch screen is indeed very functional and comfortable to operate, but the cost of producing such a large size display is astronomical. The first Surface launched in 2008 cost more than $ 12,000, so for obvious reasons it did not become a market hit.

Changing the display to a projector offering similar functionality would make it possible to return to a previously abandoned idea as the new solution would allow for a more affordable price.