Restore life to old photos

Millions of photographs, slideshows and slides remain forgotten in long-awaited albums. The possibility of transferring album and slide contents to digital form for a long time is expensive and time consuming. Epson offers a scanner designed to quickly digitize memories.

Epson Scanner, Perfection V550 Photo, will be equipped with the Digital ICE function to remove dirt and scratches from damaged film and slides. Epson Easy Photo Scan will allow users to share scanned images on selected social networking sites and photos such as Facebook and Picasa.

With a resolution of 6400×9600 dpi, 3.4 Dmax optical density, and a built-in transparency module (slides, film), the V550 will be available in a wide variety of media – from standard 35mm film, frame and medium format film. (120). Scanning is fast and the images you get will be of the highest quality. In one scan, you can digitize two films of six frames (35 mm) or four slides in 5×5 frames. In addition, ArcSoft Scan ‘n’ Stitch Deluxe will allow you to scan pages up to A2 size, such as large images, press releases, posters, etc.

The scanner will go on sale in September this year.

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