Photos from 120 years, made the first amateur camera

Taking our latest DSLR camera today, we do not think for a second what the first camera photos look like. Fortunately, we have the internet and if we are curious about it, we can look at it and get to know some of the history of photography.

So it happens that the first commercial camera was Kodak No. 1 was put on sale in 1888 and cost $ 25 then, which at present times gives almost $ 600. It was the first camera that anyone could buy and take pictures of.

Kodak No. 1 was completely unlike today’s photographic equipment. It looked more like a crate of boards than a device for taking pictures.

Making pictures with such a thing was relatively simple, because earlier photographers had taken pictures with the cameras they had built and their sizes were quite large. For Kodak No. 1, it was necessary to first insert a film sufficient for 100 photos, open the shutter and press the shutter. Today it is enough to just look at the display and press a button and automation will take care of the rest.

Calling a movie was not easy either. There were no vending machines that did it for us, so we had to send the camera directly to the Kodak factory that handled the process and sent us paper equipment for another 100 shots. And so were photos taken of him.

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