Anonymous hits the Ku Klux Klan

For the past few months we have not heard much about the hacking business of Anonymous. This does not mean, however, that his members sat idly. On the contrary, at that time they were preparing for another action that would strike the racist organization Ku Klux Klan.

Anonymous members have written on their Twitter on Thursday that they are going to share a list of people who are members of the CCC or who are closely related to the organization. This was to shake the American political scene. The group kept their promise and posted a full list on Friday. According to the announcement, there were a thousand “leads“. These are not names and social accounts of alleged supporters of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).

This is the latest release of Anonymous’s campaign “Hoods Off”. The action is meant to be a response to the threat of the Ku Klux Klan to the attendees of the demonstration in Ferguson, Missouri; They protested against the jury decision, which decided not to judge a white policeman who shot a black teenager in August 2014.…

Air without smog and allergens

Sharp has introduced air purifiers with humidifying, purifying and ionizing functions that will provide a comfortable living environment.

Sharp KC-A60EU / A50EU / A40EU is designed to clean the air. Thanks to the use of Plasmacluster technology in the surrounding environment there will be no static charges and the built-in humidifier with appropriate sensors will take care of healthy microclimate. Sharp’s proposed solution combines the characteristics of passive and active filters, which improves air purification capabilities, increasing its quality.

Plasmacluster generates, by its action, also eliminates odors, combats allergens and viruses. The KC series air conditioners emit a balanced and negative ion stream into the environment and reduce the level of electrification of the air. Long-term studies show that this improves skin hydration by 6%. The sensors used continuously monitor the air quality in the room and automatically adjust the operating parameters based on the collected air quality and humidity data. The cleaner is available in three versions, depending on the size of the room to be used. Model KC-A60EU – up to 48m2; Model KC-A50EU – up to 38m2; Model KC-A40EU – up to 26m2.…

New PC cases from Lian

Lian-Li Industrial, a well-known manufacturer of PC enclosures, has launched two new models: PC-B16 and PC-A61. Both are made from brushed aluminum and feature minimalism.

Both are designed to offer a lot of space in the interior, so they have a 5.25 “modular bay and six 3.5″ / 2.5 “bay bays that can be dismantled, thus gaining space for long graphics cards. Up to 42 cm The height of the processor cooler can be up to 17 cm.

In both cases, 30 mm of space behind the motherboard was used to guide all the wires, thus preserving the inside of the enclosure.

An interesting model is the PC-B16, where the manufacturer has taken care of reducing the noise generated by working windmills, so he used foam insulation installed on both the side panels as well as on the front closing doors shielding the drive bay.

Of course, you can also opt for water cooling, a removable upper panel allows you to mount 240 or 280 mm heat sinks, and special mounting holes make it easy to route pipes with liquid.…

Household battery from Nissan

Tesla Motors last year showed its first home-use battery designed to store energy from photovoltaic installations, allowing it to be used when it is most needed. Now a similar system is presented by Nissan, and it is called xStorage.

XStorage was developed in partnership with Eaton’s power company and is almost exactly the same as Tesla Powerwall, a household power supply. The kit can be connected to renewable energy sources, such as wind turbines or photovoltaic cells, and it will then be used to store the generated current, allowing it to be used when it stops transmitting, for example, or the sun is hiding behind the horizon. The battery can also be recharged from the mains during the second tariff, thereby lowering energy bills.

Interestingly, the xStorage Nissan will use old batteries from its electric vehicles.…

Iiyama presents the ProLite T2452MTS touch screen

Tactical LCD monitors are quite rare products, because they are only useful for certain uses, and usually they are very expensive. But in the stores, more and more models are more affordable, including the ProLite Iiyama T2452MTS-3.

The well-known company is launching a 23.6-inch monitor featuring a two-touch touch panel and speakers. The device features a fairly fast TN matrix with 5ms response time (in shades of gray), LED backlighting, displaying 1920 x 1080 pixels, 260 cd / m2 screen brightness and 1000: 1 static contrast ratio.

The ProLite T2452MTS-3 also comes with a full set of image inputs, consisting of two HDMI connectors, one DVI-D and one D-Sub, and two power amplifiers, as well as a headphone output.…

Germany wants to punish Facebook and Twitter for “hate speech”

The German government is quite so-called hate speech and fake information disseminated via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. So the proposed new law, which provides for very severe financial penalties for them.

Social media, in addition to being in contact with many people, are the main source of information. The problem is that, like television viewers, they are not willing to verify the truth of the latter and accept everything for the faith.

The German government has already had enough of this situation and intends to create mechanisms that will allow such behavior to be eliminated. The government has just introduced a proposal for a new law, under which Facebook and Twitter will have to pay huge penalties of up to 50 million euros. They will pay for it if they do not actively engage in hate speech and will not provide users with the tools to report such cases as well as false information and refuse to remove illegal content.

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, presenting a draft of the new law, explained that in addition to the main penalty envisaged for the portal, its head of state will have to pay an additional fine of 5 million euros. The law also requires that portals within 24 hours of filing block or delete content that is clearly violating the law and within seven days other illegal content.

If the legislation comes into force, Germany will then have the strongest legal regulations from all the countries in which the portals operate. How they provide the applicants is not censorship, but removal of unlawful materials.…

Russians are working on weapons against asteroids

The Chelyabinsk event, which took place in 2013, has shown that our planet is not adequately shielded from asteroids that could fall to its surface, causing enormous damage. So the Russians are working on a defense system that will use intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The vision of destroying our planet exploited by catastrophic filmmakers is not as unlikely as you might think. On Earth, hundreds of meteorites fall every day, and occasionally larger asteroids, as the Chelyabinsky example shows, can be very dangerous.

So the Russians are working on a defense system that would protect our planet from such a threat. Its base would be modified ICBM ballistic missiles, which would serve to combat asteroids diameter up to 20 to 50 meters. They are the most dangerous to Earth because they are small enough to be detected only a few hours before impact, but carry enough kinetic energy to make massive damage.

The Makeyev Missile Design Bureau, which is the author of this concept, must still obtain government approval and also raise several million dollars for ICBM missile modernization. If approved, the first tests of the new system will be conducted in 2036, and the rocket target will be the asteroid Apofis, which can hit the planet.…

Microsoft Surface will return to the roots?

Brand Surface in the future can return to the roots, ie a computer table. That would be from the latest Microsoft patent, describing a device with its own projector.

The surface we know today is a very powerful and functional tablet that can successfully replace a personal computer. The origins of the family were, however, quite different, and the first Surface was a table with a computer and a large touch screen.

Maybe Surface will soon be back to its roots and will again become a desktop computer. That would be from the latest Microsoft patent that shows just that device. With the difference that instead of a costly touch screen, it has a projector and sensors that replace it.

Such an idea, despite appearances, has its advantages, because the touch screen is indeed very functional and comfortable to operate, but the cost of producing such a large size display is astronomical. The first Surface launched in 2008 cost more than $ 12,000, so for obvious reasons it did not become a market hit.

Changing the display to a projector offering similar functionality would make it possible to return to a previously abandoned idea as the new solution would allow for a more affordable price.…

Restore life to old photos

Millions of photographs, slideshows and slides remain forgotten in long-awaited albums. The possibility of transferring album and slide contents to digital form for a long time is expensive and time consuming. Epson offers a scanner designed to quickly digitize memories.

Epson Scanner, Perfection V550 Photo, will be equipped with the Digital ICE function to remove dirt and scratches from damaged film and slides. Epson Easy Photo Scan will allow users to share scanned images on selected social networking sites and photos such as Facebook and Picasa.

With a resolution of 6400×9600 dpi, 3.4 Dmax optical density, and a built-in transparency module (slides, film), the V550 will be available in a wide variety of media – from standard 35mm film, frame and medium format film. (120). Scanning is fast and the images you get will be of the highest quality. In one scan, you can digitize two films of six frames (35 mm) or four slides in 5×5 frames. In addition, ArcSoft Scan ‘n’ Stitch Deluxe will allow you to scan pages up to A2 size, such as large images, press releases, posters, etc.

The scanner will go on sale in September this year.…

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