New PC cases from Lian

Lian-Li Industrial, a well-known manufacturer of PC enclosures, has launched two new models: PC-B16 and PC-A61. Both are made from brushed aluminum and feature minimalism.

Both are designed to offer a lot of space in the interior, so they have a 5.25 “modular bay and six 3.5″ / 2.5 “bay bays that can be dismantled, thus gaining space for long graphics cards. Up to 42 cm The height of the processor cooler can be up to 17 cm.

In both cases, 30 mm of space behind the motherboard was used to guide all the wires, thus preserving the inside of the enclosure.

An interesting model is the PC-B16, where the manufacturer has taken care of reducing the noise generated by working windmills, so he used foam insulation installed on both the side panels as well as on the front closing doors shielding the drive bay.

Of course, you can also opt for water cooling, a removable upper panel allows you to mount 240 or 280 mm heat sinks, and special mounting holes make it easy to route pipes with liquid.

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