Leap Motion will revolutionize computer control?

For many months we have been able to follow the story of Leap Motion and get to know it better, and now we can try it ourselves, as the device has just hit the market.

Leap Motion, in a nutshell, is a new computer control method, such a mouse-less mouse. The gadget uses a technology similar to that used in the Kinect controller, but it is significantly cheaper than its predecessor.

However, it is not based on cameras and infrared sensors, so far less advanced than Microsoft technology, but less precise. At least this is due to the first reviews of this hardware that appear on the web.

The device itself is available for pre-order for $ 80, and now launched the Airspace Store, a web-based app store that works with the new controller. Currently, there are more than 75 applications developed by developers from 20 countries, ranging from games to design programs, with some of the programs completely free, while others require a small fee.

For now Leap Motion is a typical gadget that you can play a bit, but once the first excitement is over, we return to the mouse and keyboard. It is difficult to say whether the device will be very popular. It certainly does not match Kinect, which is far more advanced equipment, so its functionality is much greater.

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