Iiyama presents the ProLite T2452MTS touch screen

Tactical LCD monitors are quite rare products, because they are only useful for certain uses, and usually they are very expensive. But in the stores, more and more models are more affordable, including the ProLite Iiyama T2452MTS-3.

The well-known company is launching a 23.6-inch monitor featuring a two-touch touch panel and speakers. The device features a fairly fast TN matrix with 5ms response time (in shades of gray), LED backlighting, displaying 1920 x 1080 pixels, 260 cd / m2 screen brightness and 1000: 1 static contrast ratio.

The ProLite T2452MTS-3 also comes with a full set of image inputs, consisting of two HDMI connectors, one DVI-D and one D-Sub, and two power amplifiers, as well as a headphone output.

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