Germany wants to punish Facebook and Twitter for “hate speech”

The German government is quite so-called hate speech and fake information disseminated via social media such as Facebook and Twitter. So the proposed new law, which provides for very severe financial penalties for them.

Social media, in addition to being in contact with many people, are the main source of information. The problem is that, like television viewers, they are not willing to verify the truth of the latter and accept everything for the faith.

The German government has already had enough of this situation and intends to create mechanisms that will allow such behavior to be eliminated. The government has just introduced a proposal for a new law, under which Facebook and Twitter will have to pay huge penalties of up to 50 million euros. They will pay for it if they do not actively engage in hate speech and will not provide users with the tools to report such cases as well as false information and refuse to remove illegal content.

Minister of Justice Heiko Maas, presenting a draft of the new law, explained that in addition to the main penalty envisaged for the portal, its head of state will have to pay an additional fine of 5 million euros. The law also requires that portals within 24 hours of filing block or delete content that is clearly violating the law and within seven days other illegal content.

If the legislation comes into force, Germany will then have the strongest legal regulations from all the countries in which the portals operate. How they provide the applicants is not censorship, but removal of unlawful materials.