For “loli” to bed

Persons working intensively on laptops complain about hot blows from fans, uncomfortable posture, cervical spondylosis. In addition, resting on a chaise longue or in bed with a computer, we accidentally cover air intakes. Practical solution is a cradle – laptop stand.

A table with built-in fans, made of aluminum will save the suffering of our spine. Standing on your desk, when you plug in an external keyboard, you will have a high level of comfort. In addition, this solution allows you to set the height of the screen in the most comfortable position.

The bedside table for writing and play will provide proper air ventilation and will protect the user from damage to the expensive computer due to air cover.

Modecom has introduced the MC-PF12 aluminum table, with adjustable legs and a solid top that incorporates two fans. The table can be set using a joint with a scale adjustment of the tilt angles. The tilt level configuration provides a stable setting between 0 ° and 180 °.

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