Apple will pay the troll’s patent

Apple’s American company once again fell victim to a patent troll. The company was forced to make a settlement with Network-1 Technologies, which sued it for using one of its patents and would now have to pay $ 25 million in damages.

Technological concerns are often victims of patent trolls, which are companies that hunt for interesting patent portfolios, which are then used to file lawsuits and extract huge amounts of money as compensation for the use of technology.

This strategy is very effective, and the most afflicted is Apple, whose patent trolls have already drawn hundreds of millions of dollars and are still suing in cases of unlawful use of patents. The Cupertino company was recently sued by Network-1 Technologies, which accuses Apple of using its 1999 patent for a simple file system.

The patent was granted in 1996 to Yale University, and later founded Mirror Worlds, which entered into a lengthy and expensive patent dispute with Apple, demanding $ 625 million in compensation from the concern. However, the lawsuit was rejected, so the patent owner sold it to Network-1 Technologies, which also sued Cupertino. This time the action was much more effective, because Apple agreed to make a settlement.

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