Air without smog and allergens

Sharp has introduced air purifiers with humidifying, purifying and ionizing functions that will provide a comfortable living environment.

Sharp KC-A60EU / A50EU / A40EU is designed to clean the air. Thanks to the use of Plasmacluster technology in the surrounding environment there will be no static charges and the built-in humidifier with appropriate sensors will take care of healthy microclimate. Sharp’s proposed solution combines the characteristics of passive and active filters, which improves air purification capabilities, increasing its quality.

Plasmacluster generates, by its action, also eliminates odors, combats allergens and viruses. The KC series air conditioners emit a balanced and negative ion stream into the environment and reduce the level of electrification of the air. Long-term studies show that this improves skin hydration by 6%. The sensors used continuously monitor the air quality in the room and automatically adjust the operating parameters based on the collected air quality and humidity data. The cleaner is available in three versions, depending on the size of the room to be used. Model KC-A60EU – up to 48m2; Model KC-A50EU – up to 38m2; Model KC-A40EU – up to 26m2.

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